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Blast in Qamişlo leaves 10 dead and 56 wounded

QAMIŞLO – A suicide attack with an explosive-laden truck was carried out in Qamişlo city of West Kurdistan, Rojava, at 09:20 local time today.
The explosives were detonated at a crossroads between the Asayîş (Public Security) Headquarters and the industrial area in Enteriyê neighborhood.
Nine civilians including a child and one member of Asayish Forces have lost their lives in the suicide attack which was conducted with tons of explosives.
While the bodies are being held at Enteriyê Mala Gel (People’s House), the identities of the victims are yet to be clarified.
Cizîr Canton Health Council Co-President Maha Omo said in a statement to ANHA that the blast mainly hit civilians as it coincided an intense work time in the industrial area, adding that the workplaces in the area have also been damaged greatly.
Maha Omo stated that 56 people including women and children were wounded in the blast and taken under treatment at Nafîz, Kelîmê, Watanî, Nûr and Rehmê hospitals in Qamişlo.
In the meantime, doctors reported that none of those wounded was in a critical or life-threatening situation, and that 10 among them with slight injuries were discharged from hospital following an outpatient treatment.
Asayîş Foces have reportedly launched an investigation following an examination at the scene.

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