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Commander of the Revolutionary Army: Turkey aims to change demography in Bab

EFRÎN – Commander of the Revolutionary Army Ebu Hassan talked to ANHA reporters Silêman Ehmed and Ezîz Koyluoglu about the recent developments in the region of Bab where majority of the population is Kurdish and Turkey’s attempts to create a “buffer zone” and Turkey’s so-called fight against the terror.
Ebu Hassan noted that Turkey aims to defeat Free Syrian Army groups by supporting some armed groups like Sultan Murad Battalion, ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra gangs.
He also said Bab region is historically a Kurdish settlement, but the political leaders adopted some policies to change the demography. “This was achieved especially when the Baath regime was there. The regime brought many Arab families to create the “Arab Belt” among the Kurdish areas. The Kurdish population was replaced with the Arab families. However despite all the assimilationist policies of the Baath regime, the local people could maintain their culture and speak Kurdish. They peacefully live with other people.”
Ebu Hassan also said Turkish Intelligence Service and ISIS gangs have an agreement to fight together against the armed groups here and plan to change the demography of the region. “In order to achieve their plans, despite there are no Turkmen regions here, Turkey says Turkmens are living in that region. Here Turkmen and Arab people live with Kurds. They have no problems. Turkey, in cooperation with ISIS, forces the local people leave the region and replace them with their supporters” Hassan said in the interview.

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