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Efrîn Canton Democratic Autonomous Administration warns Turkey

EFRÎN – Democratic Autonomous Administration of Efrîn Canton released a written statement on the attacks of the Turkish government both in the region between Efrîn and Kobanî cantons at Rojava border and in Northern Kurdistan.
In the statement, it says that Efrîn Canton administration condemns Turkey for the recent attacks at Rojava border leaving many Rojava citizens dead and wounded.
The statement also says “Turkey recently increased its attacks and mobilization in Rojava. Turkey attacks civilians who want to maintain their families by trading at the border. These attacks openly show that Turkey does not want Rojava revolution to develop. We call on the international community to be aware of how Turkey approaches Rojava people. The international community must stop Erdoğan’s AKP policies that have been continuously supporting the ISIS gangs in the fight against Rojava cantons. Kurds never wanted to have a war against the Turkish government. People in Rojava are able to fight and defend themselves. They are organized and will not accept what Turkey is doing in Rojava.”

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