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Turkish army bombards civilian areas in South Kurdistan

NEWS CENTER – Turkish jets shelled the Qandil area of guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones twice last night The airstrikes also hit the hillsides of the Zergelê village, where eight civilians had been killed by Turkish strikes, as well as the villages of Hobyan and Komta, and Kalatuka area.
The Turkish airstrikes which started at 21:30 yesterday evening and lasted an hour, fortunately caused no casualties but damage to the civilian areas as some houses were also hit in the attack.
The second strike was conducted at 01:30 and lasted half an hour. Both aerial attacks were accompanied by reconnaissance flights by UAVs that provided coordinates for the warplanes hitting the area.
While the activity of reconnaissance aircraft continues since last night, the bombardment started a fire in a forested area, which is reported to be continuing.
Local people living here reacted both the Turkish state for the airstrikes and the Regional Government supporting them.
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