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Turkish police kills 18-year old youth in Cizîra Botan

NEWS CENTER – A 18-year-old youth wounded by snipers in Cizîra Botan, has died of blood lose.
Osman Çağlı (18) who suffered a critical injury as a result of fire opened by snipers in Cudi neighborhood of Şirnex’s Cizîra Botan district, has died of blood lose today after he was denied access to hospital by police.
As police forces continue denying local people access to hospital, many have been reported by snipers deployed across the neighborhood.
Locals tried to take Çağlı and one other wounded civilian to hospital but had to turn back after police shot at their car as they tried to reach the hospital.
The youth, who had been shot in the belly, has died of blood lose, with which death toll in the district has risen to 7 since yesterday.
Intense clashes are reported to be going on in Nur and Cudi neighborhoods.
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