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Turkish police murder another child in Cizîra Botan

NEWS CENTER – Turkish police murdered yet another child in Cizîr district of Şirnex last night.
13-year-old child Cemile Çağırga lost her life as a result of fire opened from an armored vehicle deployed on a hill in Cudi neighborhood. The body of Çağırga, like many others killed in attacks by security forces, is being held in a house due to the ongoing police blockade and hindrance. Many others are reported to have got wounded and denied access to hospital, including the imam of Xusriya Mosque and Salih Çağlı, brother of Cizîr Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Süleyman Çağlı.
Ambulances coming to the scene of attacks to take the wounded have once again been hindered by police.
Reports say that police forces demolished the walls of Atatürk High School with tanks as they attempted to enter Nur neighborhood last night. Special operation teams did reportedly infiltrate into some areas in the neighborhood.
Turkish forces that similarly attempted to enter Cudi neighborhood were on the other hand hindered by youths that carried out self-defense against attacks.
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