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YPG: German fighter lost his life

News Desk- The Media Center  of people protection units confirmed that the German fighter within their ranks Rustam Judy real name “Canter Halsn” elevated to the convoy of martyrs during his participation in the campaign of “KHabor Anger ” to liberate Shaddadi of mercenaries of ISIS.

The Media Center said that Rustem was always says “the revolution is not only fighting and bear arms , the real revolution is the understanding of life. To protect the life and values ​​of humanity we are ready to triumph in the heaviest fighting. “

The Media Center  of YPG issued a statement to the public opinion revealed record of their German fighter lost his life during his participation in ” Khabor Anger ” campaign which launched by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the 16th of February  to liberate Shaddadi area from  ​​mercenaries of ISIS.



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