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Components of al-Hasakah: Turkey is terrorist state , does not know meaning of humanity

AL-HASAKAH– In al-Hasakah city all  the components have condemned terrorist acts carried out by the Turkish state, which claimed that Turkey is a terrorist state that does not know the meaning of humanity and is trying to achieve its objectives for decades. But will not undermine the unity of peoples achieved through the sacrifices of the martyrs of freedom.

Condemning the inhuman attacks perpetrated by the Turkish fascist state and its aggression on the sanctity of the holy places, and its violation of the sanctity of the shrine of “Martyr Karzan”, the components  of al-Hasakah city denounced this terrorist act and claimed that the Turkish state does not know the meaning of humanity.

Citizen Qahtan al-Musallat of the Arab component denounced the criminal action of the Turkish government against the shrine martyrs, he added:

“The Turkish government is used to the criminal acts of sabotage against the peoples and civilians, until their terrorism reached the sanctity of the martyrs and their shrines. They violated all the values of humanity and moral principles.”

Gabril shamoun has referred  from the Syriac component:

“The work done by the Turkish fascist government against our martyrs is an act that cannot be accepted by any religion, customs or moral values. Our martyrs are the moral values of all components and peoples.

Mahmoud Rasho of Yazidi coponent said “The Turkish state is used to terrorist acts. It is the primary supporter of terrorism and its dissemination. From the past, we know that its immoral regime has always affected the people and persecuted their rights.”



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