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The results of Manbij liberation announced

MANBIJ– the military council of Manbij revealed the results of Martyr Commander Feisal Abu Laila campaign, and noted that 4,180 IS mercenaries were killed, and 1,724 bodies of them are in the hands of Manbij fihgters, in addition to that, 144 vehicles were destroyed and 112 mercenaries were arrested, and 264 of Manbij fighters lost their lives defending the city.

The military council of Manbij released a statement to the pubic concerning Martyr Commander Feisal Abu Laila campaign and revealed the results.

The general command of the military council of Manbij read the statement in the presence of commanders and co-presidency of the civil council of Manbij and a number of councilors and the press.

The statement is as follows:

75 days of continuous revolutionary battles which included vast spaces can be summarized in concise statistics which is as follows:

Mortalities of the enemy: 4,180

IS Bodies seized by our forces: 1,724

IS captives: 112

Vehicles destroyed: 144, were wrecked including 37 machine guns, 26 mortars, 5 Katyusha launchers, and 15 different armed vehicles.

Arms seized by our forces from IS : individual arms are 1,268, 25 machine guns of different sizes and 34 mortars.

Martyrs who fell in the battles include 264 comprising Kurds and Arabs and other nationalities.

Again in the name of the military council of Manbij, we salute you and congratulate you on the liberation of Manbij.



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