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A new, distinct Ramadan has come to Al-Raqqa

This year, al-Raqqa city is witnessing a Ramadan of distinct taste where people feel secure and safe contrarily to previous years.  

Syrian Democratic Forces having liberated the city of al-Raqqa in October 2017, life aspects have changed in the city after it lived in an obscurantist period.
This Ramadan is different from others, as the black color was removed from the city, and residents’ hearts were void of fear and horror caused by Daesh.
Through the streets of the city, words like “this year, we feel relieved and secure” echo.
Happiness, joy, and commercial activity are clearly visible, as well as the Ramadan food and drink were strongly present at the markets.

Hamid al-Azawi a citizen told Hawar news agency “whoever sees al-Raqqa today, perceives a clear difference, as if fasting made civilians forget the destruction that is still spread through most of the city’s streets, for the first time since liberation, al-Raqqa people feel secure and safe during this holy month.”

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