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3 villages, 15 hamlets liberated from IS gangs

AL-RAQQA- Wrath of Euphrates fighters have liberated 3 villages and 15 hamlets north of al-Raqqa city, also a surveillance plane belonging to IS was downed.REQQA-3-GUND-RIZGARBUN ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

The 4th stage of the Wrath of Euphrates which aims at liberating the remaining villages in the northern countryside of al-Raqqa continues in preparation for launching the city’s liberation operation.

Confrontations erupted between IS mercenaries and the SDF fighters at 22:00 on Monday west of al-Raqqa resulting in liberating al-Rasheed, Abu Qira, and al-Jeef. During combing, huge amount of arms and ammunition were seized, in addition to that, a surveillance plane attempting to bombard the fighters’ points was downed, the fighters also found 7 bodies.

These villages liberated from the mercenaries, attacks were launched on the fighters’ points which resulted in the martyrdom of 4 fighters.

While a number of civilians attempted to flee the clashes’ zone, a mine planted by IS mercenaries blasted, some mortalities and causalities were reported among civilians.

In a relevant concern, the fighters on the eastern axis are continuing combing operations in the liberated villages of Arish and Baran.REQQA-3-GUND-RIZGARBUN ‫(1)‬

Combing Arish and Baran, 5 bodies were found, 2 BKCs, 500 bullets, 2 RBG launchers, 9 shells, 6 Kalashnikovs, 21 storages and 88 bullets, in addition to that, 5 mercenaries hiding in the Arish and Baran were captivated.

15 villages have been liberated since the resumption of 4th stage which are al-Jeef, al-Rashid, Abu Qira, al-Mellali, al-Atshanah, al-Rafiqah, al-Jalaa, Maysaloun, Kherbit al-Khan, Tel Muaz, Tel Muhles, Arish, Baran, and al-Masakin al-Askariyah, in addition to 44 hamlets, cotton yarn factory, a prison, a training camp, and Peasants Union headquarter.



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