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IS target civilians who escape towards SDF-held regions

GIRÊ SIPÎ- IS mercenaries have killed a civilian and wounded 5 others as they were attempting to flee to the liberated areas by SDF on the outskirts of al-Raqqa city.   GIRIE SIPI-DAIS-SIVILA-HEDEF-DIGRE ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

IS mercenaries are targeting civilians who flee towards SDF-held areas about al-Raqqa city, today a civilian was killed and 5 others were wounded on their flight towards SDF regions.

Muhamad al-Rifai, 62, lost his life while his son was wounded, Qasim Muhamad al-Rifai, 22 in Mazraat al-Jalaa. Two hours later, 4 civilians were targeted by a sniper; Abdullah al-Salman, 13, Khider Ahmad al-Jaber, 25, Aysha al-Hamada, 35 and her daughter Fateem al-Musa at 18.  GIRIE SIPI-DAIS-SIVILA-HEDEF-DIGRE ‫(1)‬

SDF fighters who were near the scene interfered and moved the wounded to the Girê Sipî(Tel Abyad) hospitals.

The doctors at the hospital pointed out that the wounded state is relatively stable after receiving first aid.


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