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Internationalist fighters: PDK serves the international terror represented in IS

QAMIŞLO- More than 20 internationalist fighters in the ranks of YPG condemned the Kurdish Democratic Party (PDK)-Iraq practice of kidnapping 6 internationalist fighters who intended to go back to their countries.

On May 11, 6 internationalist fighters in the ranks of YPG were kidnapped by PKD militants while they were on their way to their country crossing by Hewler governorate that is dominated by PDK.

More than 20 internationalist fighters from European countries, China and the US condemned PDK for kidnapping their comrades.

The fighters released a statement read in al-Shuhadaa al-Omameyin (Internationalist Martyrs) Square in al-Antariyah neighborhood in Qamişlo city in al-Jazeera (Cizîre) canton.REVANDINA-6-SERVANEN-ENTIRNASIYONAL-HATE-SERMEZAR-KIRIN (1)

The statement is as following:

“The revolution of democracy in Rojava by YPG and YPJ could eliminate the terrorist gangs of IS… we as internationalist fighters believe in this revolution and have been engaged in it while we came from various countries.

As Rojava is encircled by the Turkish state, Başûr and the mercenaries of IS, there was only one road of crossing towards Rojava by the artificial barrier between Başûr and Rojava and it is dominated by PDK. Moreover, in spite of all obstructs that were put by PDK, hundreds of internationalist fighters joined Rojava revolution. Since a week, we have lost contact with 6 internationalist fighters, and we have just known that they were kidnapped by PDK.

We are confident that this practice does not only damage Rojava revolution, rather it puts PDK in the service of international terrorism that represents IS.



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