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18 trucks of helps reached al-Shahba

A convey consisted of 18 trucks loaded by humanitarian helps reached al-Shahba canton on Wednesday to be distributed to Afrin people who were obliged to exit their homes in the result of the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and massacres committed against the civilians.


Al-Jazeera region and Başûr Kurdistan’s people sent a convey that is consisted of 18 trucks of helps to al-Shahba canton through the Kurdish Red Crescent.

The helps included food and other in-kind items, and according to the supervisors on the committees of helps distribution, the helps that they have received would be distributed to all Afrin people existed in the villages of the canton.

It is worth mentioning that the campaign of gathering the helps and sending them to Afrin people would continue in North Syria, Kurdistan’s parts and the European states by the Kurdish under the supervision of the Kurdish Red Crescent and Kurdistan Red Crescent organizations.



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