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In Afrin .. demographic change, rape, and arrest

The mercenaries of Turkish occupation army raped and arrested dozens of women, girls and residents of the villages of Afrin canton. Information was also received about the settlement of the mercenaries' families from the eastern Gouta in Sorka village


AL-SHAHBA- After the occupation of Turkish occupation army of Afrin canton, it began to commit violations and immoral violations against the people, where they began to rape women and girls and arrest the people and change the demographics of the area.

According to sources in Shitka village in Mobata district for Hawar news agency, mercenaries raped three women, including a pregnant woman in her second month, which caused abortion of the fetus.

The same source reported that the mercenaries arrested 13 girls from the village on the pretext of being interrogated, and so far their fate is unknown.

In the same context, three young women and four young men were arrested from the village of 'Obaidan village of bulbul district, including a Kurdish language teacher named Ghanima, and according to a source from the village, their fate is unknown.

In Kurdo village of Bulbul district, residents are prevented from leaving the village, and no one is allowed to enter. The mercenaries took some identities from civilians.

According to what a source reported to us, there are about 30 people in Kurdo village, and the source said that Turkish occupation army distributes daily only 20 pieces of bread to them, the Turkish occupation army mercenaries are doing psychological warfare on the people and kill them slowly.

In Sorka village of Rajo area, mercenaries placed the people within the scope of detention, where they were only allowed to leave the house for a limited period of time between 11 am and 4 pm, there three young men were arrested in Azaz prison and subjected to intense imprisonment for three days.

In the context of the demographic change, information was received about the resettlement of the mercenaries' families by Turkish occupation army; the displaced mercenaries from the eastern Gouta in Sorka village.

On the other hand, sources said that three brothers who are barbers in Holila village in Rajo area were arrested and only one of them was released and the others fate is unknown so far.



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