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YBŞ:Threats of Turkish state are declaration of new genocide against Şengal

General command of Şengal Resistance Units(YBŞ) announced that they had entered a new stage of the struggle it said "The threats of the fascist Turkish state are a declaration of a new genocide against Şengal."

NEWS DESK - The General Command of Şengal Resistance Units issued a written statement on the threats of the occupied Turkish state, in which he pointed out that the Şengal Resistance Units struggle against IS mercenaries proved to be the first force to protect the people of Yazidi, said "Threats of the Turkish state is a fascist attempt."

The text of the statement:

"Since the 3rd of August 2014, Şengal Resistance Units have organized themselves as a force to protect Şengal people and have fought an unprecedented war against the enemy of humanity." In addition to blocking the mass massacres against Şengal people resistance units play a major role in defeating "

Despite the change and transformation of the balances of many of the forces, but the resistance units Şengal fought a great struggle for the return of the people to the liberated areas of mercenaries calling and providing security for them. And without keeping themselves under the influence of any political force has become one of the forces that include the various components. The undeniable truth is the role of Şengal Resistance Units in defeating mercenaries, especially from Şengal. Since the first day of the establishment of Şengal Protection Units we have taken the communication and dialogue with the Iraqi government and cooperation with the National Coalition for the protection of the Yazidi community and solve its problems is a fundamental principle. With the recent events and within the framework of the project to protect the borders of Iraqi territory by the Iraqi army, our forces held a series of meetings. Şengal Resistance Units were founded to respond to attacks on Iraq and the right of the Yazidi community delivered nearly 70 km of land that has been liberated since 2014 and which was under the control of the Iraqi army forces in the framework of the meetings on the border of Iraq Rojava.

All the efforts that have been made so far have not been in vain. On the contrary, a new stage of struggle has been moved to a stronger stage. At this stage of the struggle we thank our people and democratic forces and demand the freedom that supported us. We will continue to struggle to the end.

Threats of the Turkish state open the way for new fascist attempts in the region and for the peoples of the region means a new genocide. We strongly reject these statements, which ignore the territorial integrity and independence of Iraq and do not accept it in any way. "The whole world must take a firm stand against Turkey so that the events that happened in Şengal are not repeated."



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