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Kurdish Greens: Statements legitimate occupation, we call for national conference

The Kurdistan Greens Party pointed out that the statements of Nechirvan Barzani give legitimacy to the Turkish occupation, but that does not amount to what the people wish of the political forces, and called for holding a national conference in Kurdistan as soon as possible to meet the challenges and risks to which the people in the entire Kurdistan exposed.

The Kurdistan Greens Party issued a statement on Sunday to the public opinion on the attacks of the Turkish occupation on Başûr (South Kurdistan) and the statements of Nechirvan Barzani, pointing out that the statements give legitimacy to the occupation.
The statement included:
"At the time when most of the Kurdish political forces are calling for holding a general meeting or a Kurdish national conference at this difficult time for the Kurdish people to get out of this stage by achieving the objectives of the Kurdish people in all parts with freedom and liberation from the occupiers, and at the same time, the people call for the political and military forces to unite to protect them.
After it was revealed to everyone in the summer of 2014 that the occupying powers of any part of Kurdistan do not want the good for the Kurdish people, we have not seen the Turkish forces came to defend Kurdistan Region in the face of barbarism and the terrorists of the era; IS despite the region's request to the Turkish government to help it in the face of terrorism.
But who came to defend the people were the Kurds themselves whether the People Protection Units (YPG) or the Guerilla Forces (HPG) who came to defend the Kurdish people and their gains in the Region.
While our people expected that some political parties have realized this, especially after the referendum held in Kurdistan Region on September 25, 2017 which the Turkish state stood against and failed it. It was the main engine of the process of the international opposition to that referendum although the referendum process is considered within the normal operations that take place somewhere, and it is within the Charter of the United Nations which preserves the rights of peoples.
But we saw a few days ago that the President of the Kurdistan Region Government released statements in front of the public, giving legitimacy to the Turkish occupation army’s incursion into the territories of the Region and its attack against the PKK forces which are members of the Kurdish people and all parts and this is unfortunate. The president of the Region, instead of calling on the Turkish occupation forces to get out from Kurdistan Region, solve the Kurdish Cause in Turkey and call for a Kurdish national conference, he did the opposite.
We, in the Kurdistan Greens Party, see that such statements give legitimacy to the Turkish occupation and others which is very serious, and do not amount to what our people wish of their political forces to unite and go towards a Kurdish national conference. We hope the President of Kurdistan Region Government to go back on this statement.
We also call for holding a Kurdish national conference as soon as possible in order to meet the challenges and dangers facing our people throughout Kurdistan.

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