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Unknown reconnaissance plane bombards al-Hamzat HQ in Afrin

An unknown reconnaissance aircraft on Tuesday bombed the headquarters of al-Hamzat gangs near Satiya village of Janders area, as heavy gunfire was heard in the area before the shelling.

A local source from Satiya village told ANHA agency that an unidentified reconnaissance plane bombed the headquarters of al-Hamzat gangs in Haftar valley on the agricultural road leading to Satiya village, Kakhera and Jolaka of Janders area in Afrin canton on Saturday.
The source pointed out that they heard the sound of heavy gunfire in the area before it was bombed.
To date, no information has been obtained on the cause of heavy shooting in the area, but according to information from Afrin, the area is generally experiencing conflicts between mercenary factions, and the cause of these conflicts is the sharing of influence and property of the residents stolen by mercenaries.

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