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200 Fighters joined YPG

200 fighters joined the ranks of the People Protection Units (YPG) after completing their training course at the Martyr Brusk Academy during a ceremony.

06 Jun 2018, Wed - 23:15

The Martyr Brusk Academy in al-Shadadi district completed two training courses for 200 fighters of YPG. The courses held the names of the martyr Ahmad al-Jafal and the martyr Zana Hasaka.

The two courses lasted 40 days during which the fighters received intellectual, political and military lessons.

The ceremony was attended by the commander of YPG and the families of martyrs.

The ceremony began with performing a military parade by the fighters who joined the course, after which the commander of YPG Ali Shadadi delivered a speech to the fighters and congratulated completing the course.

Then, the fighters swore the oath, and the ceremony ended with holding Dabkah dances by the fighters.



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