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YPG's General Command :Manbij to be protected by MMC

The General Command of the People's Protection Units(YPG) denied the Turkish officials about the Manbij agreement, stressing that there would be no Turkish military presence or any of its mercenaries  factions in Manbij or its environs.


This came in a statement issued by the General Command of the People's Protection Units to public opinion in which it said:
" Turkish government leaders, including Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawish Oglu, said that YPG would withdraw from the Syrian Manbij on July 4 after being disarmed according to the road map between Turkey and the United States.
We assure our people and public opinion that these Turkish allegations are false and unfounded, and are circulated by the Turkish State for domestic consumption only, especially as promotion before the Turkish election process. We also confirm that our units had withdrawn from Manbij city after its liberation from the terrorist in August 2016 and the city was handed over to the Manbij Military Council (MMC) and its civil administration.
We in the People's Protection Units YPG are in line with the international coalition and MMC on the road map, which stipulates that there will be no Turkish military presence or any of its mercenary factions in the city of Manbij or its environs and that the MMC is the one who protects the city and its borders from  any Aggression . "

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