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MMC: We thank YPG for its sacrifices

06 Jun 2018, Wed - 18:10

In conjunction with the announcement of the People's Protection Units (YPG) to withdraw its military advisers from Manbij, the MMC organized on Wednesday a press conference in which it thanked YPG and confirmed that the Military Council is able to maintain the security of Manbij and its borders against any external threats.

During the press conference, that statement issued by the General Command of the Manbij Military Council which was read by the official spokesman of the Manbij Military Council Shervan Darwish at the headquarters of the MMC in Manbij’s mills.

The statement included:

Turkey was present at the understandings of Manbij liberation

"We in the MMC and after the announcement of its formation on April 4, 2016 started preparing for a military campaign to liberate Manbij city and its countryside. It is the campaign that began on the first of June 2016 against IS mercenaries. We have asked YPG and the International Coalition to support and participate in the expulsion of IS from the city and liberating the civilians.

With the support of the International Coalition, the MMC and YPG managed to liberate the city on August15, 2016 so that thousands of people could return to their city after security and services were provided.

YPG kept military advisers at the request of MMC’s command

But we, in MMC, continued to complete the construction of our institutions and the organization of our structure to protect the city. Therefore, at our request, a group of military trainers in the ranks of YPG stayed in Manbij as military advisers to assist MMC in training field, and that in coordination and the consent of the International Coalition.

We thank YPG for all efforts and sacrifices

We in the MMC thank YPG and the military advisers for their support provided to the council. We also thank the International Coalition forces, and we salute the sacrifices that have been made to liberate the city from IS terrorism.

Manbij is safer than all areas under Turkish control

We, in the MMC, confirm that we are capable of preserving the security of Manbij and its borders against any external threats. Turkey tries to impose its policies on the area and ignores the security and stability of Manbij in addition to the chaos that is being witnessed in the areas that it occupies in northern Syria.



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