ISIS jihadis behead four Syrians in Raqqa on charges of spying

ERBIL – Exremists of the Islamic State (ISIS) on Saturday executed four Syrian men in the northeastern city of Raqqa on charges of spying for the US-led coalition.

The group released a video showing four young men, dressed in orange, allegedly confessing their involvement in communicating with the western coalition about ISIS movements inside Raqqa.

The victims, identified as Hamoud al-Hamoud, Ahmed Mardud, Ali al-Ali and Abdullah al-Khalaf, were beheaded by ISIS masked jihadis.

The video then shows life in Raqqa under ISIS, where a jihadi speaker stresses that life will continue in the territory of the alleged Caliphate despite the American and Russian military campaign against ISIS.

Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef

Source: ARA News

Yoldas Guzelyildiz

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