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201 fighters joined Manbij Military Forces

MANBIJ- Şehîd Feysal Abu Laila Academy for military training opened another training course for Manbij Military Council fighters in the name of Şehîd Firhad Course where 201 fighters jointed and that happened during military ceremonies.

The general commander of Manbij Military Council Adnan Abu Amjad, the co-chair of Defense Committee in Manbij Nofah Suleiman, the general commander of Al-Bab Military Council Jamal Abu Jumaa, the co-chair’s deputy of Interior Committee in Manbij city and its countryside Farida Khalil Lalo, Youth and Sport Body, Youth Council in Manbij and its countryside and a number of Manbij Military Council fighters attended the opening ceremonies.

The academy square was ornamented by Manbij Military Council, Euphrates Liberation Brigade (one of the councils’ factions) flags.

The ceremonies started by holding a minute of silence, Manbij Military Council’s general commander Adnan Abu Amjad afterwards delivered a speech and congratulated the fighters on their joining. Adnan Abu Amjad added “we are waiting for you and your victories in the revolution to be joined in the ranks of fighting in the fronts, the fighters in the fronts are fighting the fiercest battles against terrorist and Turkey-backed IS mercenaries”.
Abu Amjad stated that the Turkish occupation, by its statements of attacking Afrin canton and al-Shahba areas, is announcing that a war would happen in order to foil al-Raqqa liberation campaign, Abu Amjad continued “you will be driven out and you would not gain what you want as long as heroes, martyrs and sacrifices exist, and whatever were the sacrifices, we would defend our land”.

Then, the joined fighters swore the military oath and they promised to defend and protect their land chanting the slogans that glorify the martyrs.

The ceremonies ended by dancing in rings with the public songs.

The fighters are supposed to receive intellectual and military lessons and activities about martial arts and how to use light and medium weapons.



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