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250 fighters joined SDF

HASAKAH- 250 fighters joined Syrian Democratic Forces after finishing their training course that lasted 15 days in Şehîd Diyab Ghanem Academy in the name of Şehîd Edris Saeed by ceremonies. 

The fighters received during the course military and political lessons. After they have finished their course, the academy of Şehîd Diyab Ghanem organized the graduation ceremony, and a number of SDF commanders attended.

The ceremonies started by a military parade performed by the fighters. Then, the spokesperson of SDF the Gen. Talal Silo congratulated the fighters, and Silo stated that the fighters would head towards the fronts to liberate the Syrian lands from IS mercenaries and terrorists’ abomination.

Silo talked about the victories that were achieved by SDF in the mercenaries’ stronghold and their so-called caliphate capital “al-Raqqa”, and Silo added “we bring our people the good news that al-Raqqa liberation approached, and you will live freely and manage yourself away from oppression and terrorism”.
Silo stated that the Turkish state approved that it is the main supporter of the mercenaries by launching attacks on Afrin canton, and the aim of these attacks is to obstruct al-Raqqa liberation campaign and said “we as SDF would defend our people and fight terror whether it was IS mercenaries or the Turkish state”.

The spokesperson of SDF Gen.Talal Silo concluded by promising again that they would follow the martyrs’ steps till reaching a unified Syria for all its people.

Then, the fighters swore the military oath, and the ceremonies ended by chanting slogans that glorify freedom and martyrdom.

Şehîd Edris Hasakah, his real name is Edris Saeed and he martyred in Abu Fas village last year.



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