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Sheikh Maqsoud people support Afrin and al-Shahba

ALEPPO- Hundreds of Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood people took to streets to condemn the Turkish occupation violations and bombardment on north of Syria, Afrin canton and al-Shahba areas. Moreover, the people assured that they would support Afrin and al-Shahba people.

The demonstrators held banners that slogans were written on “As We Triumphed in Kobanî and Sheikh Maqsoud, We Will Triumph in Afrin”, “Every Olive Would Be Turned into a Bullet in the Heart of the Aggressors on the Resistant Afrin” and “Afrin Is Arîn Mîrken, Judy, Ahmad and Bahoz’s Country, Afrin, the Heroes Country, Would Not Kneel”.

The demonstrators headed from the western part of the neighborhood and marched through the neighborhood’s streets chanting slogans which salute Afrin and al-Shahba resistance against the occupiers and to reach al-Shahada Square in the eastern part of Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood.

As the demonstrators reached, they held a minute of silent. Then, speech was delivered by the member in the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Nêrgiz Hesen, the administrative in Star Congress Hevin Suleiman and the member of the Democratic Syrian Council Jozeif Qublan.

The speech delivered was about Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) sacrifices to defeat the international terrorism which is represented by IS, and receives support by AKP to prevent any democratic system be established in the Syrian north.

The speech also assured on the people’s cohesion and their standing side by side against the occupiers, and Afrin’s victory is inevitable as Kobanî and Sheikh Maqsoud people won by their resistance to be added in the series of epics of the Rojava revolution in order to establish a free and democratic life.

The demonstration ended by chanting slogans that salute YPG and YPJ resistance.



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