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Fierce clashes in al-Raqqa, 36 mercenaries killed

AL-RAQQA– Since Wednesday evening, fierce clashes are going on on 3 fronts in al-Raqqa city as the Syrian Democratic Forces advance, till now 3 vehicles, one bombed, were destroyed.

Al-Raqqa liberation campaign continues at its 30th days with high-paced momentum.

Clashes erupted between SDF fighters and IS gangs in many areas within al-Raqqa city since Wednesday evening.

On the southern front, confrontations erupted SDF and IS in Hisham Abdul Melek south of al-Raqqa city, during the clashes, 17 mercenaries were killed, a bomb-laden vehicle was destroyed, 3 fighters also martyred and 2 were wounded.

On Wednesday dawn, IS mercenaries attempting to break the siege SDF imposed on them, they launched attacks on SDF’s points in al-Qadisiyah neighborhood west of al-Raqqa city, but fighters foiled the attack and forced the mercenaries to retreat.

In Old al-Raqqa neighborhood SDF passed to on July 3rd, clashes are going on between SDF and IS gangs while the fighters are still progressing in the neighborhood and have encircled the Old Mosque and pulled the chain on IS mercenaries.

Al-Barid neighborhood, SDF passed to in June 13th, west of al-Raqqa city is witnessing violent clashes, 19 mercenaries were reported to have been killed, 2 vehicles destroyed, a SDF fighter martyred, and 3 were wounded.



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