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Turkish shelling on Afrin, al-Shahba: 3 civilians killed, 4 wounded

AFRIN- 3 civilians lost their lives, 4 others were wounded, including women and children from the same family in Kafrantone in al-Shahba areas because of the Turkish mercenaries’ shelling.

Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries intensified on Monday evening their shelling on the liberated villages in al-Shahba areas, simultaneously, Shera and Sherawa districts in Afrin were also shelled.
Turkish occupation army mercenaries shelled Maranaz, Vilat al-Qadi, Qastal Jando, and Qatma villages in Shera district, while Jilbul, and Iska villages were shelled in Sherawa district, moreover, intensified shelling was witnessed on Arfad(Tel Rifat) and Sheikh Issa towns and Minag, , Baylouna villages which were liberated by the revolutionary factions.

In the shelling a civilian Sabah Issa, at 40 was wounded, having been treated in Avrin Hospital, her state is stable now.

Turkish occupation shelling al-Shahba areas from Yazibağ village, then extending to Kafrantone village at 03:00, 3 civilians lost their lives and 4 members of the same family were seriously wounded.

The wounded were taken to Avrin Hospital to receive medical treatment.EFR-TOPBARANA-TIRK-LI-SER-KEFER-ENTON ‫(131203586)‬ ‫‬

Those who lost their lives are” a mother Gazala al-Yousef, 40, Muawiya al-Yousef, 13, Tabark al-Yousef, 10 and the wounded are Khansaa al-Yousef at 18, Randa al-Yousef 23, Fidaa al-Yousef at 19 and Aya al-Yousef at 16.

According to doctors, some of the wounded are critically injured.

Kafrantone village belonging to Azaz city was liberated from Jabhit al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham in February, 2016.



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