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SDF fighters enter Raqqa Old Town

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters have taken part of the Hisham Abd Al-Malik neighborhood under control and have entered the Old Town in Raqqa.

YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters advancing in the operation to liberate Raqqa have entered Raqqa Old Town. The fighters entered Hisham Abd Al-Malik neighborhood to the south of Raqqa yesterday and intense clashes broke out between the SDF and ISIS gangs.

Half of the neighborhood came under the fighters’ control after the clashes.

The SDF fighters entered Raqqa Old Town yesterday evening and intense clashes ensued. The Albanat Palace to the east of Raqqa Old Town was liberated in the clashes.

34 gang members were killed and the SDF fighters retrieved many bodies from them. Important positions from where the scout planes took off and positions used as communication points were also destroyed.

4 SDF fighters were martyred in the clashes.

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