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SDF entered Old Al-Raqqa neighborhood

AL-RAQQA- Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated half of Hisham Abdul Melek neighborhood south of al-Raqqa city, the fighters also entered Old Al-Raqqa neighborhood. Moreover, the clashes resulted in killing 34 mercenaries, and destroying strategic sites of IS.

Al-Raqqa liberation campaign continues at its strongest as the fighters are advancing inside al-Raqqa city.

On Monday, fierce clashes erupted between SDF and IS mercenaries after the fighters entered Hisham Abdul Melek neighborhood.

The clashes resulted in liberating half of the neighborhood. In addition, the fighters entered on Monday night Old Al-Raqqa neighborhood which is east of the city. Moreover, the fighters were engaged in fierce clashes against IS mercenaries, and they liberated al-Banat Palace east of Old Al-Raqqa neighborhood.

During the clashes, 34 mercenaries were killed, and many bodies of them were kept at the fighters’ hands, the fighters also destroyed IS strategic sites among them a runway of drones and their communication sites.

The clashes resulted in martyring 4 SDF fighters.



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