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YPG outcome of June

NEWS DESK- People Protection Units (YPG) and Women Protection Units (YPJ) disclosed in a statement the clashes outcome during June. According to the statement, the Turkish occupation army launched 102 attacks on YPG and YPJ points, and 56 Turkish mercenaries were killed during June and 98 fighters were martyred.

YPG and YPJ media office released a statement about the outcome of the battles and clashes during June.

The statement included:

“During June, 2017, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launched 102 attacks with heavy weapons, tanks, mortars, heavy cannons and Obis on our units’ points along the border between Rojava and Bakur Kurdistan.

The Turkish warplanes and drones violated Rojava border 24 times.

The Turkish mercenaries launched 4 wild attacks on our forces’ points. During repelling and responding to these attack, 26 mercenaries were killed, and 4 Kalashnikovs with their pouches, 2 phones, an ID, a military vehicle and a bulldozer   were seized, and a military vehicle was destroyed.

Within lawful defense, YPG and YPJ carried out 18 operations of responding to the Turkish mercenaries’ attacks and violations.

In June 18 at 01:00 a.m., 14 IS mercenaries launched suicidal attacks on Asayîş Forces points, al-Shadady Hospital, and one of YPG points in al-Shadady. During repelling these attacks, 6 mercenaries blasted themselves, other 6 mercenaries were killed and other 2 mercenaries were captured. In addition to that, 4 fighters martyred and other 3 got wounded during the clashes. In addition, our units seized the mercenaries’ individual guns, one BKC, one walkie-talkie device of Hytera kind.

Since a long time, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have launched attacks on Rojava especially on our units and people in Afrin canton, these attacks resulted in martyring a big number of civilians and wounding others, in addition to financial damage that inflicted people properties.

On this base, during June 5, YPG and YPJ carried out responding operations to the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ attacks.

Outcome of our units’ operations:

40 Turkish mercenaries were killed, other 7 of them got wounded, a big amount of weapons and ammunition included one A4 weapon, 2 BKCs with their 20,000 bullets, 6 Kalashnikovs with their pouches, 2 Brno weapons, 5 RPG launchers, 2 telescopes and 3 walkie-talkie devices were seized, and 7 vehicles, 3 motorbikes, one Dushka of 14,5 millimeter were destroyed.

YPG and YPJ participated effectively in al-Raqqa liberation campaign during June, 2017 and the outcome of this participation is:

In June 6, by a statement, the greatest campaign of al-Raqqa city liberation was announced.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that include YPG and YPJ as one of its formations entered al-Raqqa city in June 9 from al-Mushlab neighborhood east of al-Raqqa. Since that date till now, al-Mushlab, al-Sina’a and al-Batani which are east of al-Raqqa, and Sabahiyah, al-Romaniyah, al-Qadisiyah west of al-Raqqa, in addition to Jazrah square, Hercules Historical Citadel, the Division 17, Sugar Factory, and other many important and strategic sites were liberated by SDF.

The fierce clashes continue in Huteen, al-Yarmouk, al-Nahda neighborhoods west of the city, al-Rowda neighborhood east of the city. According to the information, during the clashes, 542 mercenaries were killed, and dozens of them got wounded, 7 IS mercenaries were seized alive. Moreover, during the mentioned neighborhoods liberation, a big amount of weapons and ammunition of IS mercenaries were seized.

The fighters also liberated thousands of civilians and took them to save areas. Moreover, a quarter of al-Raqqa city has been liberated, and the city was wholly encircled in June 29.

The mercenaries attempt to break the siege imposed on them by launching attacks from the four sides of the city. In addition, IS mercenaries are using civilians as human shields to protect themselves.

During June, YPG and YPJ fighters fought IS mercenaries in order to eliminate them from Rojava and north of Syria till they reached martyrdom rank. During al-Raqqa liberation campaign, 84 fighters in the ranks of our units among them 7 fighters in the ranks of YPJ martyred, and 6 fighters martyred while they were foiling IS mercenaries attacks on al-Shadady area, other 6 fighters martyred in the result of traffic accidents, and 2 fighters because of disease.



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