Footage from the IS-held neighborhoods in al-Raqqa

AL-RAQQA– Syrian Democratic Forces, with high spirits, continue their advance towards al-Raqqa city center to liberate it from IS mercenaries and are reaching a neighborhood after another.

Remarkably, Syrian Democratic Forces are advancing in the western neighborhood of al-Raqqa city like al-Diriya, al-Barid, al-Yarmouk, and Huteen breaking the defense lines of Islamic State mercenaries.

The footage taken by ANHA reporter shows how fighters of People Protection Units get into the IS-held areas in the al-Barid-al-Huriyah-Andalus triangle and go about the area.

In the footage also appears an IS black flag raised over al-Huriyah Park wall, and how one of the mercenaries is targeted by a fighter.

Video: Akram Barakat


Yoldas Guzelyildiz

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