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Afrin “Home of Challenge, Stability” title of poetic poem


AFRIN- “Afrin homeland challenge and steadfastness, the world has to learn lessons of the resistance from Afrin” With these words described one of Tal Kojer children in al-Jazeera region to Afrin canton “Resistance of the age”

Fawaz al-Raed from the residents of Tel Kojer district, delegate to Afrin canton, along with thousands of people of al-Jazeera region to see with the same eye the resistance of the people in Afrin and People and Women Protection Units, and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), so Fawaz al- Raed write a poem “Resistance of the age.”

The poem by Fawaz al-Raed consists of five verses that speak about the reality of the people of Afrin by resistance, and how the Turkish state wants to restore Ottoman Empire through its ugly attacks and practices on Afrin, and how the people of Afrin resist this aggression.

Fawaz al-Raed expressed his surprise at the resistance of Afrin. “When we presented to Afrin, we were impressed by what is going on in Afrin by the Turkish occupation, in return for the resistance of Afrin people against Turkish fascism,” he said.

He added “Afrin is home of challenge and steadfastness”, so the world has to learn lessons of resistance from Afrin, what I saw surprised me in Afrin and so I wrote a poem that reflects the reality of what the people of Afrin live and how steadfastness in the occupation face.



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