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Citizen tells what he saw during three days with Turkish gangs


AFRIN – One of the citizens who was able to reach to Afrin city said that the mercenaries loot everything in the occupied villages and sell them in Turkish territories. The citizen also indicated that 3 civilians are still unknown.

The  citizen Shiekh mus 71-year-old resident of Shinkli village of rajo area who lives with the Turkish occupation and its gangs for three days.

Three days with mercenaries

The citizen Shiekhmos Mahmmod spoke saying  “They entered the village and attacked me immediately. They made me bend in front of them. Then they fired live bullets at my knee. My face and eyes filled with dust. They hung the flag of Turkey over my house. One of the tall mercenaries was his hair and beard. , Put the knife in my neck to slaughter, but then retreated without knowing the cause and began to destroy my house in front of my eyes after they looted everything inside.

“They took me to another place outside the village across the car. I and another person from the village recorded a video they were saying during the video that” we handed them over to them. “One of them tried to kill me again, but the other prevented it under the name that we might benefit. from him”..

The fate of the other 3 was with unknown Shiekhemos so far

Uncle Shiekhmos touched on mercenaries dealing with special needs “We were only five people in the mercenary hands of our mercenary section, and at four o’clock at dawn they said they had been ordered by the Turkish authorities to get us out of the village or kill you,” .

Shiekhmos added “I had my brother Ahmed Mahmood, 85, a deaf man. Before the attacks he had an open heart surgery and my cousin explained to them what my brother Ahmad was suffering, but they did not understand,” he said. They walk even outside the village. “

3 km by foot

I asked them to take us by car to the outskirts of Baniraka village in Midanki because my brother Ahmed could not walk because he was suffering from heart disease and he was deaf but they refused to do so. My brother told me to ask them to kill me here and rest in pain.

“When I saw them talking to me and my cousin alone after I refused to leave my brother Ahmed, we drove without my brother Ahmed, who refused to walk to Baniraka village and then we drove to  Kusa village and from there we drove a civilian vehicle to the center of Afrin canton “

No one has been survived in the occupied villages

Shiekhmos pointed”When we were walking at a distance of 3 kilometers, the cattle were shot dead. The houses were completely destroyed as a result of heavy shelling of the villages. Before we left our village, the mercenaries stole all the machines belonging to the villagers and transferred all the properties to Turkish territory in Martawna village  Inside Turkish territories  at the border.

He confirmed that the mercenaries killed civilians, and brought their pictures to us to inquire about them, but I did not know who, as a result of mutilation of their bodies.

He described what the mercenaries committed against him and the right of the people of his village “do not have compassion, so how dare they say that we are Muslims, they are out of religion and compassion.”

Shiekmos Mahmud said that after they were able to reach Afrin with his cousin, the fate of the other three, including his brother Ahmed Shiekhmos was unknown



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