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After Maydanki dam is out of service, self-initiated citizen distributes water to residents free


AFRIN- In a personal and humanitarian initiative to stand with the people of his town. Manan Zino, from Afrin, works to secure water from the wells and distribute it to the resident by his tank, free of charge.

In the course of their attacks on Afrin canton, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries targeted by missiles from Maydanki Dam, which supplies the entire canton with potable water and external use, forcing residents to buy water from the tankers at high prices even though the water they were buying did not meet their needs.
To end this, Hanan Zeno initiated Kfer Dala village of Afrin city, which has been working for five years to provide water to the people of the canton by his tank. Where he fills his pipes of wells located in the center of Afrin city and then distributed it to the people without charge.

In this context, Manan Zeno said that there are many houses without a drop of water. “Therefore, I am providing assistance to them under the current conditions of the canton with the interruption of water because of the targeting of water station and Maydanki Dam  and the damage caused by the bombing of Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. “

Zeno said that “will provide water to the people on a daily basis until God freed and the get rid of occupation attacks targeted to their land.”

Afrin canton has been subjected to barbaric attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries since January 20, causing great damage to the vital areas and many of them leaving the service, by indiscriminate shelling on land and air.



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