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Turkey wants to return history 80 years ago in Afrin”


AL-SHAHBA- She fled with her family when she was a baby girl from the Iskandarun Brigade when he was occupied by Turkey and left her home in Afrin after being attacked by Turkish occupation army.

The attacks of Turkish occupation army left a bitter reality for the people of Afrin, which resulted in thousands of civilians leaving their homes after being subjected to shelling, destruction and material damage to their property since the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launched their attacks on Afrin on 20 January.

The 80-year-old mother, Mariam Hassan, left her home in Iskenderun with her family when she was 20 days old, after the exaction of Turkish occupation of the brigade and its annexation to Turkish territory. The family of Maryam, then, headed to Janers area and lived in it. She married a member of the border Hamam village of the Janders, and settled in it.

Mariam lives with 14 members of her family in a 7-meter-long warehouse and is 3 meters away. She suffers from diabetes, blood pressure and breathlessness. In addition to being unable to walk, Mary recounts the story of her displaced from her village after the attacks of Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, noting that indiscriminate aerial bombardments and artillery shelling of their homes did not stop and they had to leave the house.

“Because of my inability to walk, my children were forced to carry me, miraculously, we survived the shelling that was raining on us,” she continued.

“I want to die in Afrin and to bury in its pure soil near my husband and my son,” she said.

At the end of her talk, Mother Maryam Hassan pointed out that Turkish occupation wants to re-establish a history 80 years ago in Afrin, after the occupation of the brigade and attached to its land, but the resistance shown by the people of Afrin will fail their scheme.



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