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Opening Religious Affairs Institution in al-Tabqa, recalling its founder

AL-TABQA – In al-Tabqa city west of al-Raqqa province the opening of Religious Affairs Institution has been announced in al-Tabqa during a religious ceremony accompanied by the commemoration of martyr Ibrahim al-Ali and the opening of al-Forkan mosque after months of its restoration.

The ceremony was held at al-Forkan Mosque in al-Tabqa city in the presence of a number of members of institution in al-Tabqa and in North Syria, including the head of religious affairs authority in al-Jazeera region, Sheikh Mohammed al-Qadri, as well as representatives of Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa, led by the co-chair of the Executive Council, Shyiar Mohammad.

The announcement coincided with the ceremony of opening al-Forkan Mosque in conjunction with the commemoration of the founder of the Religious Affairs Institution in al-Tabqa, Ibrahim al-Ali, who was martyred in al-Raqqa city on 13 January when he was visiting a mosque.

The announcement of the institution coincided with the completion of al-Forkan Mosque restoration and its rehabilitation after it was desecrated by its features and its moorings and sanctuary by IS mercenaries.

The reconstruction included the restoration of the mosque’s sanctuary again, as well as the opening of a special library of the mosque, which includes many valuable books dealing with religious affairs.

Reconstruction and rehabilitation also included the allocation of the second floor of the mosque for women as in the past.

A number of speeches were delivered at the opening ceremony, including the speech of the general supervisor of the religious institution in al-Tabqa Duran al-Hashemi welcomed the attendance and bless the end of project and its success as mentioned in his speech the former supervisor of the religious institution Ibrahim al-Ali, who was martyred during his inspection of a mosque in al-Raqqa city by a mine planted by IS mercenaries.

For his part, the head of Religious Affairs Body in al-Jazeera canton, Sheikh Mohammed Qadri, this religious achievement, which would bring religion to the right track after IS mercenaries mutilated the essence of the Islamic religion.



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