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In spirit of Resistance Afrin, towards national unity

QAMISHLO _The Kurdish youth coordination in Rojava holds its annual meeting in the presence of hundreds of young people from different regions of Rojava as well as representatives ofCivil Society Institutions .

Today the meeting was held in Rojava under slogan “In the spirit Resistence Afrin , Towards National Unity ” attended by hundreds of young people representing 15 political parties and 5 youth institutions of various components.

The member of Executive Body of Democratic Society Movement( TEV-DEM) Alder Khalil as well as representatives of Autonomous Administration including the head of the Executive Council AbdelKarim Sarokahn and Number of chairmen and vice of Administration Bodies had attended the meeting in Trade Union hall in Ramaylan  .

The expanded meeting was launched with a minute of silence followed by a speech by the member of the Executive Body of the  Democratic Society Movement(TEV-DEM) Alder Khalil in which he praised the role of the young class during the revolutionary years in Roajav and the active participation of youth in defending of Rojava areas .

Khalil emphasized the pivotal role of the young generation in the revolution as it is the main engine for the development of any society. He also referred to the resistance of the times in Afrin and the sacrifices made by young people to confront the Turkish occupation.

Khalil added that “the guerrilla resistance of the youth in Afrin is the guarantee of the victory of the resistance, so that no nation can have heroes like Avesta Khabor, Barin and Alan, but be liberated no matter how powerful the enemy.” Khalil also praised the heroic resistance of the people of Afrin against the army Occupation and terrorists gangs “.

He added: “50 days have passed to the resistance of Afrin, and with the passage of each day and the continuation of the resistance writes a new history will be generated for thousands of years, who write this date are the young Kurds. The international forces did not expect Afrin to stand up and resist for two days, but the people of Afrin proved that they could resist for 50 days and that they would continue to resist until victory. “
Following the speech of the member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV_DEM) Alder Khalil, the meeting continued its work by reading the annual report of the activities of the Kurdish Youth Coordination in Roajava where the report is to be discussed and the shortcomings and decisions and plans of action for the current year.



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