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Fawza Yussif: Today Afrin, Tomorrow all Syria, our peoples have to declare general alarm

NEWS DESK – The co-chair of the Executive of North Syria Federation FawzaYoussif the civilians in Afrin were exposed to a genocide by the Turkish occupation army and terrorist gangs and appealed to the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan and the people of North Syria to general alarm and revolting

Hawar news agency(ANHA) held interviewed of the co-chair of the Executive of North Syria Federation FawzaYoussif carried Russian and internationall Society in general responsibility for any massacre of the people of Afrin .Russia has also been accused of complicity with Turkey and participating in the genocide of the Kurdish people

Afrin ‘s people face a mass massacre’

Fawza said “Here Afrin is resisting in the name of all humanity against the terror of Erdogan and its gangs and for fifty days. The line of the people and heroes of Afrin during the fifty days the greatest verses of the championship against this enemy, which burns green and dry. Afrin is besieged to carry out a massacre of hundreds of thousands of indigenous people. The people of Afrin today face a mass massacre. Erdogan’s goal is to achieve ethnic cleansing against the people of Afrin, to change Afrin’s demographic and to hand over Afrin to the terrorists. “

General alarm and State of Emergency

Fawza called in her statment to general alarm and State of Emergency said “We call on our people in the four parts of the diaspora to declare the public and public emergency in a place,” she said. Today Afrin and tomorrow Manbij and all Syria. Erdogan sold the people of Ghouta in exchange for the massacre of Afrin. Therefore, our people in NorthSyria must rise up everywhere. And to stand against this humanitarian crime against us.

We also call on all the young people of Kurdistan in the four parts, as well as young men and women in North Syria to get around the Resistance of the Age  and go to Afrin and join the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces SDF. “

‘Russia is responsible for everything that happened and what will happen in Afrin’

Fawza accused Russia of being lazy in favor of deals with the Turkish state, and accused the international Society of duplicity “We also declare to the whole world that Russia is responsible for everything that happened and what will happen in Afrin because it agreed with Turkey in the framework of the Ghouta for Afrin. This will remain a disgrace in the history of Russia. Which is to participate in the genocide of the people of Afrin in agreement with Erdogan.

The international Society and within fifty days played the role of the three monkeys. Follow the duplicity . But it is time to put an end to international terrorism, which is funded and practiced by Erdogan. It is time that Erdogan’s crimes against the Kurdish people are stopped.

We assure our people and all humanity that the path of dignity is our path and that we will lead under Avesta, Barin and Elan. Afrin with its fighters and its people won the Medal of Honor and dignity and will culminate in this resistance with definite victory.



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