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"We are all Afrin "campaign to disclose Erdogan 's massacres against Afrin in al-Karama

Under the slogan "We are all Afrin", the Youth Association of al-Karama area belonging to al-Raqqa city launched a campaign to reveal the truth of the massacres committed by the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin.
AL_RAQQA-The Youth of al-Karama area belonging to al-Raqqa city  have launched a campaign  entitled " We are all Afrin " to disclose crimes were committed by Turkish occupation army and its gangs against civilians people on Afrin city and their children ,civilians 's properties looted by Turkish occupation and its gangs .

The campaign includes the publication of the massacres committed by the Turkish occupation in Afrin, and the suspension of public places in al-Karama area on the walls and entrances.

"The Ottomans are building their new authority on the blood of the children of Afrin – Rosses and the future generations are bombarding the air and the tanks. Where are the human rights - these are the terrorists whom Erdogan talked about - Erdogan practices murder and torture and eliminates the hope of life and optimism for the children of Afrin."

A number of young men and women participated in the campaign.

In this regard, a member of the youth Abdul Qadir al-Shibli "We launched this campaign, which we called all of Afrin, to spread the scandals of Erdogan, the murderer of children, women, the elderly and the thief of civilian property. We condemn the Turkish occupation of Afrin and their crimes against humanity. We condemn the international and Arab silence, What the people of Afrin were exposed to. "

At the end of his speech, Abdul Qader al-Shibli appealed to every Arab with conscience to stand up right with the people of Afrin.



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