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Qamishlo’s people sit-in front of United nation headquarters condemning international silence towards Afrin

QAMISHLO-Hundreds of residents of Qamishlo city protested to the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) condemning international silence over the massacres committed against civilians in Afrin city.

In response to General alarm of protest against the attacks of the Turkish occupation onAfrin region , hundreds of residents of Qamishlo city and today emerged in a demonstration marched the main streets to stop after the demonstrators in front of the headquarters of the United Nations Commission.

The demonstrators are organizing a sit-in in front of the headquarters, condemning international silence, calling for an end to the Turkish massacres of civilians in Afrin.

The resistance of Afrin has entered its 51st day and human rights organizations, the United Nations and world nations remain silent in complete silence about the massacres against civilians and children and the displacement of civilians from their homes.



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