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Autonomous Administration calls international Society to put end to attacks Turkish occupation on Afrin .

AFRIN _ Deomocratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in Afrin canton released  statement about the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its gangs  on Afrin, with the participation of hundreds of Afrin residents.

Hundreds of residents gathered at the Noorz roundabout in Afrin city carrying flags of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units(YPG, YPJ), and the statement was read by the co-chair of the Executive Council ofAfrin canton , Dr. Osman Sheikh Issa.

Shiekh Issa said “In order to stop the massacres against the Afrin resistance people, the UN Security Council, the United Nations and the international community must intervene urgently, put an end to the attacks of the Turkish occupation army, and support the resistance of the people of Afrin and stop their silence over the occupation attacks,” .

Sheikh Issa called the UN Security Council to pressure Turkey and impose an air embargo on Afrin, to prevent the massacres against to Afrin ‘s people .

Coinciding with this statement  the Turkish Drones Berkdar hovring over the of Afrin  .

It is scheduled to launch a demonstration in the city to condemn the attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its gangs on Afrin canton .

In the photo taken by our correspondent’s (ANHA)from the place of the statement among the masses of the people, there are representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA), including the head of the Interior Body in Afrin canton Hassan Birm, who claimed that the Turkish media had left the territories of the canton .



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