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Arab fighters establish their first military academy in Rojava

HESEKÊ – The first military academy of Arab citizens of Rojava was established today.
YPG (People’s Defense Units) established the first academy for Arab citizens in the town of Til Berek of Cezîre Canton, which was liberated from ISIS gangs last year on February 28.
The academy receives its name from a YPG’s Arab fighter Lorens Hayis Al-Ceryan who was known by his code-name Cemal lost his life in Til Hemîs in October 6, 2014.
Lorens Military Academy held its first military training session in the name of Martyr Samî (Ebdullah Al Dibu) )who lost his died in July 27, 2015, in Qamişlo.
32 Arab fighters of YPG attended the first training and the attendees are going to be commanders in YPG ranks.

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