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Syrian Democratic Forces Discover Daesh’s Bomb-Making Facility

KOBANE, ROJAVA, Syria (January 10, 2015) – A control center employed by elements of the terrorist group Daesh (ISIS) to create improvised explosive devices (IED) was discovered by combatants from the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) during search phase of Operation Liberate Southern Kobane on January 9 in the vicinity of Tishreen area, secured December 30, 2015, western banks of Euphrates River, Kobane.
Combined military units from the Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of unified Arab, Kurdish and Assyrian Christian forces in Rojava, northern Syria, managed in late December 2015 to claim control over the strategically important Tishreen Dam and its surrounding extent from the Daesh terrorists in a joint campaign supported by the International Coalition in southern portion in Kobane Canton. The Syrian Democratic Forces since then have been conducting numerous security patrols, mine-clearing activities and humanitarian projects in the newly liberated areas along the Euphrates. These operations endured until January 2016 with a focus on the rural district comprised of the villages Yousuf Pasha, Qishle, Haji Hussain, Haji Hamada and Hassan Akha, 4 kilometers south of Tishreen Dam.
Continuing the search process, the Syrian Democratic Forces on January 9 were able to discover a headquarters of terrorist forces which was utilized to facilitate deadly IEDs. Following documents show a cache consisted of large quantities of highly explosive equipment, bomb-making components, homemade anti-personnel mines packed with ball bearings and hundreds of meters of detonation cord Daesh operatives used to produce mines as part of the group’s desperately applied strategies that pose a great threat against civilians returning to their communities in Kobane region.

A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces examines one of nearly a thousand booby-trapped boards used as roadside bombs

Sign reading in Arabic: “Watch out, minefield!”

Signs in Arabic used to display different notifications in booby-trapped fields
Photo & Video: Dicle Ehmed / ANHA | Additional Report: Dilan Nergiz / People’s Defense Units (YPG)

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