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JAN. 1: Defense Units Succeeded to Repell Daesh’s Major Offensive Despite the Loss of Comrades

KOBANE, ROJAVA, Syria (January 1, 2016) — In the dead hours of December 30, a large number of elements affiliated to the terror group Daesh (ISIS) launched a range of synchronized attacks on the city Gire Spi (Tal Abyad), Ain Issa and the village Shargirat (eastern Ain Issa), Kobane region, Rojava, northern Syria. In face of these assaults which the attackers carried out by utilizing a variety of heavy weapons and armored vehicles, a severe response was exercised by combined forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) who were on alert in the district.
Initially, a small unit of terrorists which had infiltrated inside the city of Gire Spi, targeted the Asayish internal security forces’ center. As the fighting lasted there, members of the Defense Units were deployed to directly intervene and force the attackers to withdraw from the area. As a result of clashes in Gire Spi city 3 terrorist elements were killed and seized by the Defense Units.
Simultaneously in the east of the village Shargirat, terrorist forces carried out an offensive on the wheat silos near the rural sector of two axis. Joint Defense Units were able to repel the attackers in a short time, and lead counter-attack against terrorist gatherings near the noted site, there, 3 terrorist fighters were killed and the enemy was unable to recover their dead.
Yet the terrorists’ main objective was Ain Issa, in time of the first two raids, the terrorist group attempted to advance from two sides on the town. During those attacks, the enemy forces used heavy weapons and vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices along with a number of armored vehicles. Responding to the desperate efforts of the terrorists, the Defense Units managed to target and destroy a VBIED and a munition-laden truck within enemy lines.
At all three locations, the Defense Units vigorously replied to the terrorists’ attempts and prevented them from gaining momentum while inflicting heavy losses on their attacking force.
After intense battles, at least 63 terrorist fighters were killed at triple situations, bodies of 26 uncovered on battlegrounds. There, an ammunition cache including 21 AK rifles, 3 PK machine guns, 1 RPG rocket launcher, 40+ hand grenades, 3 pieces of 120mm mortar rounds and three IEDs was seized from enemy forces.
Against these attacks on the Defense Units positions in wider Kobane region, all combatants played significant roles, fought heroically, and drove back all hostile activities. In that battle which went beyond definition of resistance, 19 of our combatant comrades fell martyr in action.
Aleppo – On the night of December 31 in Aleppo, groups of the Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham terrorists launched a mortar attack on the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood. Troops from the People’s Defense Units who were accompanied by the Women’s Defense Units performed a counter-attack against the very coordinates the mortars came from, according to latest confirmation from the site, one terrorist was eliminated.
Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) – Continuing their continual violations against Rojava, the Turkish Army on December 31 waged an assault against civilian population near the village of Dinayike to the west of Gire Spi. The attack killed one unarmed civilian and injured another one.
Siluk – The Defense Units on the night of December 31 completed an operation in the southern countryside of town Siluk, Gire Sp as they actively engaged with a small terrorist unit, and killed all three members after a short fight.
People’s Defense Units (YPG) Press Office | January 1, 2016

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