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KCK: Self-governances should be embraced

NEWS CENTER – KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement about the recent developments in North Kurdistan, the Kurdish region of Turkey.
Remarking that the Turkish state wildly attacked the Kurdish people and their political will, KCK said the AKP government neither solved the Kurdish question nor tolerated the organization and democratic society character of the Kurdish people.
“AKP wildly attacks the Kurdistan people’s self-rule decision that was recently declared in response to the repression, arrests and attacks aiming to break the people’s democratic will. In addition to its failure to take a step and manifest a will for Turkey’s democratization, the AKP is on the other hand trying to crush the local democratic rule of the Kurdish people, which it sees as ‘founding a state within a state’. AKP openly and clearly forces people to accept its centralist, authoritarian and hegemonic political system. The recent conflict and clashes ending up in deaths are undoubtedly taking place due to the attacks of the despotic state against the democratic will of peoples. The policy of the ’90s, during which the uprisings of the people were savagely attacked, is being pursued once again today.”
KCK underlined that police forces of the AKP state was murdering at least several civilians in the Kurdish region every day, while bodies of the guerrillas fallen in clashes were being subject to an inhumane treatment and these inhumane attacks mainly intensified in Varto.
KCK remarked that the dimension of the AKP’s enmity towards Kurds has once again been revealed by what has been done to the body of a guerrilla martyred in Varto (referring to Kevser Eltürk, nom de guerre Ekin Wan) which was dragged through the streets and exhibited naked in photographs shared on social media. Commenting these practices as a return to the dirty war period of ’90s, KCK said the daily remarks of President Tayyip Erdoğan revealed that this dirty war would be enhanced further.
Pointing to the reports coming through from Varto that both civilians and guerrillas were murdered and that their bodies were scattered in pieces, KCK said the AKP government brutally murdered people, without distinguishing civilians and guerrillas, and immorally ruined the bodies. Recalling the remarks of President Erdoğan that these massacres will continue and those resisting will face the very same treatment, KCK said Erdoğan led the country to an end by saying that the fight will continue until the doomsday. “If this unrestrained fascist personality is not stopped, war in Turkey will obviously escalate more and more”, KCK warned.
According to KCK, the only way to stop this situation is to embrace all the areas that have declared self-governance, Varto, Gever, Cizre, Silopi, Silvan and Nusaybin in the first place. Kurds -KCK said- should stand up everywhere against these attacks and the Kurdish people shouldn’t be left alone anywhere in the face of the ongoing attacks. “It is time to use the democratic right to resist the colonialist and fascist attacks”, KCK added.
KCK underlined that the peoples and democracy forces of Turkey should also embrace all the areas that have declared self-governance and are carrying out self-defense against attacks, saying that the unity of Kurds and Turkey’s people should be made stronger.
Recalling the fact that the people of Kurdistan just established their legitimate local democracy in an effort for self-rule, KCK said democratic self-governances were steps that strengthened the unity of Turkey as the Kurdish people had no goal other than forming their self-rule and local democracy.
“Those alleging democratic autonomy as separatism are those who have no policy serving a solution for the Kurdish question and want to create a basis for the suppression of people’s struggle.”
KCK stressed that the people and democracy forces of Turkey should prevent the deepening of the conflict by giving a fight in order for the Turkish state to respect the democratic will of the Kurdish people, adding; “Respect for the democratic will of the Kurdish people means peace and stability. It should be known that the Kurdish people and guerrillas will not engage in a conflict unless the democratic will of the Kurdish people faces attacks.”
KCK said this was why the AKP’s war policies against the Kurdish people should be objected to and refused, and struggle should be given for Turkey’s democratization and a democratic political solution based on the self-governance of the people.

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