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Turkish army kills 70 year-old man from Rojava

NEWS CENTER – Turkish soldiers opened fire on Rojava residents who attempted the cross the border from Dêrsiwanê village in Efrîn’s Şerawa district into Northern Kurdistan.
A 70-year-old civilian by the name of Mihemed El-Salim lost his life and another civilian Mihemed Xalid Bilal (32) was wounded in the attack. Bilal remains under treatment at Avrîn Hospital in Efrîn.
Two days ago, Turkish soldiers rained bullets on four people from Efrîn who crossed the border between Bakûr (North) and Rojava (West Kurdistan) from Mamela village in Efrîn’s Raco district.
Ssoldiers captured the four Rojava citizens near Meydan Ikbis village of Raco, and released them later after subjecting them to torture and threats while under custody. The four people were however targeted by soldiers once again as they were on their way back to Efrîn.
21-year-old youth by the name of Şîhan Oerek Hesen died and three others got wounded in the attack. Hospital doctors said there were marks of torture on Hesen’s body and three bullets hit him in the head,
Earlier the same day, Turkish soldiers captured another Rojava citizen, 30 years od Hemze İbo after committing a border violation by taking the man from inside the boundaries of West Kurdistan. Soldiers then took İbo into the Turkish side of the border, tortured him and broke his head and leg.

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