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3 YPG and YPJ fighters laid to rest in Kobanî

KOBANΠ– Residents of Kobanî laid YPG fighters Xebat Cûdî (Merwan Kuro) and Nûman Qaşura (Azad Berk) and YPJ fighter Bêrîtan Havîn (Kubra Dayan) to rest in the Cemetery of Maryr Dîcle.
Institution of Martyrs’ Families held a ceremony for the fallen YPG and YPJ fighters.
In the speeches made at the cemetery, the families of the YPG and YPJ fighters noted that the enemies of Rojava failed and could not prevent the revolution. “Today North Kurdistan is uprising since it is under the attacks of the enemies. Our revolutionaries sacrificed themselves for honor of our people and we need to support their struggle and be loyal to them” said the families.

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