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80-year-old man dies due to Turkish police blockade in Cizîra Botan

ŞIRNEX – An 80-year-old elderly has lost his life after being denied access to an ambulance after he suffered a health problem late yesterday evening.
Attacks are uninterruptedly targeting the people of Şirnex’s (Şırnak) Cizîra Botan (Cizre) district who have been resisting the attacks of Turkish security forces with heavy weapons for days now. Despite the intensified attacks in Nûr, Sur, Cûdi and Yafes neighborhoods, people poured out into the streets yesterday evening and protested the attacks that are directly targeting civilians under the name of “fight against the terrorist organization”, which refers to PKK.
The fire opened by police on the people joining the protest left Gülistan Babat (15) and a yet unidentified child wounded. Both minors were denied access to hospital despite all the efforts, and were treated by their families.
On the other hand, 80-year-old İbrahim Çiçek suffered a health problem during the same hours, upon which his family called an ambulance to take him to hospital for urgent treatment, but faced the same obstacle by police who didn’t allow access to the ambulance. The man therewith lost his life after waiting for an ambulance for several hours.
His body also is being held in his house.

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