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YPG releases balance sheet of war for November

NEWS DESK – YPG Press Office has released the balance sheet of war for the month of November.
Combined forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) conducted 11 operations and attacks against gang groups, as a result of which 44 gang members were killed, 2 were captured alive and corpses of 7 were seized.
During the course of the last month, Turkish military targeted YPG positions 13 times.
The balance sheet by YPG, which doesn’t include the operation by Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD), is as follows;
Operations and attacks: 11
Clashes and confrontations: 12
Attacks by the Turkish army: 13
Operation, attack, clash and confrontation with unverified results: 1
Suicide attacks with bomb-laden vehicles: 2
Gang members killed: 44
Corpses seized: 7
Gang members captured alive: 2
Military vehicles of the gangs destroyed: 9
Munitions seized from gangs: 7 Kalashnikov rifles, BKC, 1 M-16, 10 hand grenades, 5 suicide belts, 1 thermal, 1 bomb-laden vehicle
According to the balance sheet, 15 fighters of the YPG/YPJ lost their lives during the month of November.

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