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3 villages liberated 3 gangs abducted in Kobanî

NEWS CENTER - YPG Press Centre said in today’s statement that the Kobanî resistance which has entered the phase of victory continues on the 136th day.
According to the statement, YPG and YPJ fighters have expelled ISIS groups from around the city and are continuing the operation to cleanse the rural areas of Kobanê of the gangs.
YPG Press Centre stated that Defense Units launched an operation against the occupied village of Korpingar, 3,5 km south east of Kobanî, last night. Fierce and intense clashes took place in the village which was liberated as a result of the operation, the statement said, adding that 2 gang members were ascertained killed and 3 others were captured alive.
One other operation by YPG and YPJ fighters last night targeted the villages of Alî Budra and Numanê 5 km southwest of Kobanê, and an area stretching from Til Shair village to Ali Budra village on the borderline.
Following a raid by 10 separate units of offensive, Defense Units expelled the gang groups from Numanê and Alî Budra villages after dominating the area soon after the offensive. 24 members of the gangs were killed in the operation and corpses of 19 were seized, the statement said.
 5 gang members killed in Til Hemis
The Press Centre reported that YPG/YPJ fighters also conducted an operation against the gang groups deployed between the villages of Mesusa and Teqtaq to the north of Til Hemis last night. 5 members of ISIS groups were killed as a military vehicle of theirs was blown up and groups coming to the scene afterwards were hit, it added.

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